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Dangerous animals in Thailand

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I have been in Chiang Mai with my girlfriend renovating our holiday home....I will update you all on the progress of the improvements and post some photos in due course.

Having recently encountered a massive scorpion in the garden, (see below!!!), it got me thinking about all the potentially dangerous creatures that you are likely to encounter in Thailand.

There are plenty of run of the mill critters like ants, wasps and bees, ands although a bite or sting can be extremely uncomfortable, they are only really dangerous if you suffer an allergic reaction.

However, there are plenty of other flying, slithering and swimming critters that can pack a lethal punch.

I shall give you a breakdown of some of the worst offenders……….

1) Insects

One of the smallest and most common insects is responsible for more hospital admissions than all the other animals combined and that is the humble mosquito.

Most people just consider them to be a nuisance, but they can tran…