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Anyone for some black cock?

Ok ok,stop your giggling and I'll have no more jokes about Lenny Henry or Chris Eubank and if you read this post hoping to see Vanessa Feltz chowing down on a ghetto gangsta' then, fo'shizzle, you'll be sorely disappointed........ 
Black Cock is actually a brand of rice whiskey, or rather a spirit, I don't think you could call it whiskey without the Chivas Brothers turning in their graves!!!

I purchased a bottle on a recent trip to the supermarket and upon consumption, it felt like I was drinking bleach. The burning was followed by a palsy-like sensation as my facial and bowel muscles slackened!! Suffice to say I won't be putting any more black cock in my mouth in the foreseeable future.

Penfold's back

Yes folks I'm back......

I've been off the airwaves for too long and the reasons for my hiatus are many and varied, including relocating, a change of career, getting married, building a new house and adopting multiple stray dogs.

But fear not......I shall resume my posts and keep you abreast of all the hilarity, banality and general stupidity happening in the Land of Smiles.