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Update on the Chiang Mai renovations

A little while back I promised you an update on how the renovations of our house in Chiang Mai were progressing. The property was purchased in October last year, but we were unable to visit it until August this year, so it was in need of some serious TLC.

Rather than bore you with a long post about mixing cement and choosing paint's easier if I show you some before and after pictures.



I'm glad to say that it's now fit for human habitation and as the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket's now so sanitary and squared-away that the Virgin Mary herself would be proud to go in my bathroom and take a dump!!!!

Thailand's vegetarian festival

The annual Thai Vegetarian Festival is now drawing to a close. This year in Pattaya it ran from the 7th- 17th October, but as it's a lunar celebration (held during the 9th lunar month of the Chinse calendar) the dates are different each year.

The festival is celebrated by Chinese communities throughout Thailand, although most of the attention is generally focused on Phuket with it's colourful parades and the vegetarian devotees, known as "Ma Song", who perform various feats of courage, such as walking on hot coals or piercing their skin with knives and other sharp objects.

Check out these guys........they are all 100% genuine and haven't been edited on photoshop!!!
Fortunately, we have not been carrying out any ritual acts of self-mutilation!! And the knitting needles were kept well away from my crown jewels, just in case the missus had any unusual urges!!!

We observed a vegan diet for the duration of the festival, that's right milk in my tea, no baco…

Recycling Thai style

The monks from Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew in the North-Eastern Thai province of Sisaket have taken recycling to a whole new level by building a temple from more than 1 million glass bottles!!!

A friend here in Thailand emailed about this a little while ago and I thought it was time I featured it on the site.

The temple is in the town of Khun Han near the cambodian border and is affactionately known as "Wat Lan Kuat" or "the temple of a million bottles" and true to its moniker it is made from glass bottles throughout, even in the crematorium!!! That's a hell of a way to make your final journey, surrounded by bottles of amber nectar!!!

The holy men originally began collecting bottles, in 1984, with aim of using them as simple decorations within the temple grounds. But, one of the monks had a moment of inspiration and suggested using the bottles to construct new buildings on the site and as their collection grew so did their temple.

The temple has now become an interent s…

Penfold in Penang

Having just returned from a long weekend on the island of Penang and as it was my first visit to Malaysia, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share my thoughts on the destination.

I had read extensively about Malaysia on the internet prior to my trip and settled on Penang due to its proximity to Thailand and the fact it had plenty of tourist attractions and historical sights to visit.

We flew in style on Air Asia......I am joking of course!!! For those of you unfamiliar with Air Asia they are the Asian equivalent of EasyJet or Ryan Air, a no frills, budget airline who offer cheap flights but you pay for all the extras, including your food and baggage. Our 2 return flights with 2 pieces of checked in luggage weighing 15kg each, cost a little over 8,000 baht (about £170 at the current exchange rate).

British passport holders don't need a visa to enter Malaysia, if your stay is for leisure. All you have to do is complete the immigration form that is given to you by the airline …