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Book Review: Off the Rails in Phnom Penh: Into the Dark Heart of Guns, Girls, and Ganja

A book review I hear you're engaging in intellectual persuits rather than getting inebriated and watching the Gooners!!!

What's wrong with you Penfold? Have you suffered some kind of cranial trauma or been visited by the ghost of Evelyn Waugh?

Actually, it's a book that will appeal to a broad range of people and not just pipe smoking English professors!!!

Far from being an artsy-fartsy critique on the works of Proust or Dostoevsky it's a simple review of Amit Gilboa's best-selling book, entitled, "Off the Rails in Phnom Penh: Into the Dark Heart of Guns, Girls, and Ganja".

As the title suggests, it's a lurid exposé of the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, vividly describing the daily lives and exploits, of a "colourful" group of expats.

It caused a real stir in South East Asia, when it was published in 1998, due its disturbing content, searing honesty and its darkly humourous portrayal of modern day Cambodia. The poweful combination o…

A dog's life

A dog is supposed to be man's best friend, but a monk from the Sam Toei Temple in the Northern Thai town of Pitsanuloke, has taken this to a whole new level!!!!

The randy sexagenarian suffered a stroke, after playing a game of "hide the sausage" with one of the female temple dogs!!!
Locals living near temple were alerted to the unholy goings-on by blood-curdling howls (I don't know whether they were coming from the dog or the monk!!!) and fearing an axe-murderer was on the rampage they summoned the local constabulary.

When officers arrived they found Khun Phrapan Chitutasaro slumped on the floor, in a state of arousal, next to a bottle of washing up washing-up liquid.Mmmmmm kinky!!!!When and if Khun Phrapan regains consciousness, he is more likely to be facing criminal charges than receiving an invitation be a guest judge at next years Crufts Dog Show!!! Officials at the temple quickly distanced themselves from the canine loving cleric, by saying he had refused to provi…

Celebrity Interview Number 3: Tony Blair

Joining me in the hot seat today, fresh from bringing peace and stability to the Middle East (well almost!!!) is former prime minister Tony Blair.

Tony, my readers will appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to have a beer with me and put the world to rights.....

I agree Penfold, this is a chance to connect with your readers and is not the time for shameless political point scoring and sound bites......

But I must say that I'm disappointed David Cameron has yet to grant you an interivew and...I feel the hand of history on my shoulder, when I sit here with you today, discussing South East Asian development...

Righty ho Tony......moving swiftly on!!!!

With the on-going Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war, aren't you anxiously looking over his shoulder in case representatives from the International Criminal Court pay you a visit?

Penfold, I thought I was here to discuss the merits of ladyboy threesome's and visits to soapy massage parlours in Bangkok and not to get …

Thailand Events Calendar 2010

Welcome to my first post of this new year and new decade.

I hope you enjoyed the festivities and are recovering from your over indulgences!!!!

I thought the best way to kick-off 2010 would be with a "What's on guide", highlighting some of the most exciting events taking place in Thailand this year.


The Phuket International Boat Show (7th - 10th January)

If you have some spare cash in your piggy bank and are looking to splash out on a yacht, or even if you just fancy a nice day out, then I would like to point you in the direction of the Phuket Marina Exhibition and Conference Center. The annual Phuket International Boat Show markets itself as "Thailand's premier boating and lifestyle event" and this year it features over 80 exhibitors and 45 yachts.

The Royal Trophy Golf Tournament (8th - 10th January)

This is one of the premier events for golf fanatics in Thailand. The annual Europe vs Asia contest is held at the exclusive Am…