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I hope everybody is in fine fettle and apologies that it's been a while since my last post.....

For the last week or so I've been experiencing interuptions to the communal wifi in my apartment block....... but after a little PI work, I was able to track down the location of the router and I have  identifed the culprit.......

If you look closely, you can see that a zebra dove has made a nest on top of the router...... I didn't have the heart to move the nest because there were 6 tiny little eggs inside!!!

Being a nice chap, I'm happy to experience a few internet connection problems until the eggs hatch.....

Here is more information about the zebra dove

I just hope my neighbours don't find out it..... because the singing variety of the zebra dove can fetch prices of $90,000!!

TiT....... This is Thailand

WARNING: This post has graphic content
The standard of driving on Thailands roads is nothing short of criminal and this has been a problem since the introduction of motor vehicles to the Kingdom.

Once a Thai attempts to operate a motorised vehicle of any kind from a sports car to a motorcycle to a lawnmower, the chances are its going to end in disaster.

Now throw a little alcohol into the mix and you are going to get carnage............

This video has been doing the rounds amongst Thai netizens over the last few days and shows the actions of drunk driver in Bangkok........ it demonstrates the selfish, thoughtless mentality that most Thais display.

Loy Krathong 2017

Yesterday, Friday 3rd November, marked the celebration of the annual Loy Krathong festival.......

If you are a regular visitor to this blog or you have travelled to Thailand in the past, then you will probably be familiar with the origins and significance of this festival. But for any of you who aren't "au fait", then please allow me to explain.

Loy Krathong is one of the most romantic and eagerly anticipated festivals in the Thai calendar. It is celebrated on the first full moon in November, so the date changes every year.

It is common practice to invite your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend or significant other to visit the nearest lake, river, canal or seashore to float a small raft on the water. As the raft floats away, so will your worries, bad luck, illhealth and unhappiness. The raft was traditionally made with banana leaves and contained candles and incense sticks. The candle symbolises the Buddha with its light and the 3 incense sticks represent the Buddha, the…

Health & Safety..... What's that?

As you are no doubt aware from reading this blog, living in Thailand is extremely dangerous. From the poisonous animals inhabiting your backgarden to the dangerous drivers on the roads. Not to mention the litany of health and safety failings that are observed daily.

For your viewing pleasure I present the following photos. But if you are a health and safety inspector, may I suggest you look away now...............

To make matters even worse, the 3 photographs above were taken opposite a local school!!! Accident waiting to happen me thinks.....

The picture of the roadworks above was taken in a "soi" or sidestreet near my residence. There were no warning signs and nor was it fenced-off in any way to minimise the risk of accidents.

The 3 beauties above were taken outside a well-known local convenience store. Just imagine popping in to the shop to buy a loaf of bread and ending up neck-deep in shite because you've fallen down the drain!!! 

The final photo needs no caption...…