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A message to "Anonymous"

It would appear that one of my posts has caused some consternation among the denizens of the web.

The article in question was my description of Thailand's nightlife and the girly bar scene. A reader by the name of "anonymous" seems to have taken particular umbrage with the content, judging by the comment they posted......................

"How great to see the perpetuation of the life of prostitution that these poor girls have to endure. through poverty and lack of choice. And assisting others to follow your sleazy path. Well done. You must be so proud of yourself! (This is sarcasm in case you didn't get it). Bet you have also been to the red light district of Amsterdam where over 80% of the girls have been trafficked from the Ukraine and neighbouring countries."

Well, well, well "anonymous", you have got your panties in a bundle, haven't you?!!!! When you've finished spitting your vitriol, please allow me to deviate from my "sleazy pat…