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Shame on you Auntie!!!

I’d like to draw attention to the fact that the BBC has once again soiled her journalistic undergarments, by publishing such ill-informed and poorly researched drivel……..please click the link below to read the offending article.
For those of you who have developed Lou Gehrig’s disease or some other ailment that has prevented you from clicking your mouse button, please indulge me and let me give you a brief précis of the story……..
“A 9 year old girl, the daughter of a pair of street vendors, goes missing. The parents report the disappearance to local police but get fobbed off because they are not from a rich or influential family and are forced to search for the missing girl themselves”.
Most right-minded individuals would agree that this seems to be an extremely sad story and you would want to extend your sympathies to the family.
But, this is where the BBC hijacks the story to push its own agenda.

Allow me to introduce you to Malina Enland, f…