Shame on you Auntie!!!

I’d like to draw attention to the fact that the BBC has once again soiled her journalistic undergarments, by publishing such ill-informed and poorly researched drivel……..please click the link below to read the offending article.

For those of you who have developed Lou Gehrig’s disease or some other ailment that has prevented you from clicking your mouse button, please indulge me and let me give you a brief précis of the story……..

“A 9 year old girl, the daughter of a pair of street vendors, goes missing. The parents report the disappearance to local police but get fobbed off because they are not from a rich or influential family and are forced to search for the missing girl themselves”.

Most right-minded individuals would agree that this seems to be an extremely sad story and you would want to extend your sympathies to the family.

But, this is where the BBC hijacks the story to push its own agenda.

Allow me to introduce you to Malina Enland, from the….erm… “faith-based” charity XP Missions, who claims most trafficked children end up in Pattaya with “Western men”.
(I am not the owner of this photograpgh, nor do I hold the copyright. It is reproduced courtesy of the BBC)

Bible-bashing Marina seems intent on tarring all Western men with the brush of paedophilia. Despite the fact that most instances of paedophilia, abuse and underage sex, in the the kingdom, involve locals. 

If you think I’m talking guff then please consider the fact that Thailand has one of the world’s highest rates of teenage pregnancies and here are some articles for your consideration………

And this web link backs up my claim that prostitution, casual sex and extra-marital relationships are endemic in Thailand…    

However, whilst I do agree with some aspects of the article. (Pattaya, is certainly sleazy, grubby and has its fair share of weirdos). I would also proffer the suggestion that there are more degenerates and kiddy-fiddlers roaming the hallways of Broadcasting House than can ever been found in Pattaya.

Here are some links to recent BBC scandals……..

I think the BBC should get its own house in order before wasting tax payers’ money producing such biased and unpleasant editorial.

I have been coming to Thailand for 10 years and have lived in the Pattaya area for nearly 3 years and can testify that most victims and perpetrators of crime are local and most instances of abductions, kidnappings and human trafficking involve Asians preying on Asians.

Whilst there is no denying that the girl in article is missing, a more likely scenario is that the parents sold the girl to a human trafficker, then felt guilty and claimed the girl went missing to save face and cover-up the fact that they profited from the girls’ disappearance.

What normal parent would let a 9 year old girl wander around a petrol station unattended? The parents of the child should be horse-whipped and sent a Siberian gulag!!!!

But for the BBC, Malina Enland and the XP missions charity it is easier to blame all the social ills of a Third World society on the evil, deviant foreigners. Those, who have done nothing worse than seek a lifestyle away from the rabid feminism, political correctness, multiculturalism and social decay that is occurring in the UK.


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