What the fuk?

Before you start writing any letters of complaint or offering to wash my mouth out with soap.....a fuk, is actually a type of vegetable here in Thailand!!!!

In Thai script it is written ฟัก and when pronounced, it sounds just like the English swear word. So, as you can imagine, I have had hours of fun with this in Thailand!!!!

But, what on earth is a fuk, I hear you cry?

It's known as a "winter melon" or "white gourd" in English and is common throughout South East Asia.

For those of you, like me, who are botanically challenged, the winter melon is in the same family as honeydew melons. However, unlike the honeydew melon its flesh is not as sweet. It has a very mild flavor and is often used in soups, although I enjoy eating it when it's stir fried with chillis.

They are well known for their detoxifying properties and can also be used to make vegetable juice drinks. I have also heard that it is used in China to make tea.

Here are some examples of dishes made with the winter melon.......

I am always on the lookout for weird and wonderful Thai foods and will bring you more posts in due course.


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