A dog's life

A dog is supposed to be man's best friend, but a monk from the Sam Toei Temple in the Northern Thai town of Pitsanuloke, has taken this to a whole new level!!!!

The randy sexagenarian suffered a stroke, after playing a game of "hide the sausage" with one of the female temple dogs!!!
Locals living near temple were alerted to the unholy goings-on by blood-curdling howls (I don't know whether they were coming from the dog or the monk!!!) and fearing an axe-murderer was on the rampage they summoned the local constabulary.

When officers arrived they found Khun Phrapan Chitutasaro slumped on the floor, in a state of arousal, next to a bottle of washing up washing-up liquid.

Mmmmmm kinky!!!!

When and if Khun Phrapan regains consciousness, he is more likely to be facing criminal charges than receiving an invitation be a guest judge at next years Crufts Dog Show!!!

Officials at the temple quickly distanced themselves from the canine loving cleric, by saying he had refused to provide references from his previous temple and they were preparing to ask him to leave.

Khun Phrapan is now going to be the surprise recipient of Penfold's "Dirty Boy of the Year" award. I was going to give the gong to Tiger Woods, but, even his misdemeanours have been eclipsed by the shannanigans in Pitsanuloke.

Thanks to our friends at the Phuket Gazette for this rib-tickling story and if you would like to read the full report please click the following link.......



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