Jilted lover goes loco in the Lake District

The story sounds all too familiar…….smitten middle-aged man falls for a Thai girl while on holiday in Pattaya, returns home thinking he has found the love of his life, sends a large sum of money to said “girlfriend”, only to be dumped a few days later.

Usually, the man will curse all Thai bar girls, maybe join a few internet chat forums to bemoan his misfortune and to vent his anger, but will then say “c’est la vie” and go to the travel agent to book his next trip to the Land of Smiles!!! That would normally be where the story ends.

But, on this occasion the man in question was Derrick Bird, who went on a wild-west style “shoot ‘em up” less than a fortnight ago, through the streets on Cumbria, using his twin brother, family solicitor and work colleagues as live target practice.

Newspaper reports suggest that he had recently sent 50,000 baht (about £1,000) to a girl he met at a bar in Pattaya. It seems that he was hoping to start a new life with this young lady, but only days after sending the money, he received a text message from her ending their relationship.

There were also indications of family feud regarding a will and it appears that he was being investigated by the Inland Revenue for tax evasion. So, being jilted by his Thai girlfriend seems to have been the final straw for poor old Derrick and sent him into psychological meltdown.

I think it’s a shame that Thailand is in the news again, for all the wrong reasons and that Pattaya is being linked one of the UK’s worst mass murderers, in the last 50 years.

Although, I will readily admit that Pattaya attracts its fair share of scoundrels, rouges and reprobates, I don’t think what happens in the city can be used to try and explain the actions of a deranged lunatic.

However, I will now think twice about hailing a taxi in the UK in case it’s being driven by someone who’s mentally defective and might try to “pop a cap in my ass”.

Finally, I won’t mention the joke I heard about Derrick Bird being called up to the England football squad because he shoots better than Emile Heskey, as it’s a little bit insensitive!!!

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