Dicing with death in the garden

Looking at pictures of our garden in the glorious afternoon sunshine, you wouldn't have thought that taking a stroll would have potentially life threatening consequences!!!!

But, that is exactly what happened today!!!!

When checking through the sugar cane, what did I encounter? Only a Malyan pit viper, which a cursory check on google will tell you, is highly venomous, aggressive and easily provoked!!! Not to mention that it's responsible for hundreds of hospital admissions every year in Thailand and if you get bitten, you will die without treatment!!!

However, I can tell you that encountering this little fella was marginally less frightening than bumping into my sister-in-law in the dark!!!

Here some links to more information about the Malayan pit viper and examples of what can happen if you get bitten!!!




P.s. I'll give you Bully's special prize if you can name any of the trees or plants that are growing in our garden!!!!


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