A Day trip to Koh Larn

Koh Larn is the largest of the small archipelago known as the "Near Islands" which include Koh Sak and Koh Krok. It is 8km from the resort of Pattaya, at the South Eastern End of the Bay of Bangkok.

Koh Karn is relatively small and only 4km in length. It's quite hilly and reaches about 200m at the highest point and is covered with tropical forests, although a lot of the wilderness has been lost to development over the last few years.

The island can be reached by ferry or private speed boat. The ferries depart from Bali Hai (South Pattaya) pier which is at the end of Walking Street and run almost hourly from 7am until 6pm. The one way fare is 30 baht per person and the journey takes about 45 minutes depending on the weather conditions. We took the 11am service, along with what appeared to be the entire population of Moscow!!!

The quickest and most exhilerating way of getting to koh Larn is by speedboat. The fare will depend on the size of the boat you hire. To hire a boat for the day will cost you upwards of 1500 baht for 2 people and can cost as much as 5000 baht for a group of 5 or 6. But, if you are travelling in a group and can split the cost between you, then it's well worth the money. The journey time by speed bost is only 15-20 minutes and you can decide where you would like to be dropped off and picked up.

Travelling around the island is very straight forward. When you arrive by ferry, you will be dropped off at Twaen beach and there are plenty of motor bike taxis or songtaews (taxis buses) that can take you to next destination. There are set costs for going to each beach or attraction and every taxi operator charges the same, so you can't negotiate a discount. If you're feeling brave, it's also possible to hire a motor bike.

Twaen beach is one of the biggest on the island and is nearly always crowded. The day we went was no exception, so we decided to take a motor bike taxi tour, which cost 250 baht and check out some of the other beaches. We visited Thong Lang, Samae, Thien and Naul.

Here are some of our photos for your viewing pleasure........

My favourite beach was Thien, which had just the right amount of places to eat and drink together with a range of watersports and it was very pretty too, with some interesting mangrove trees and nice clear water.

There are plenty of water-based activities to keep you occupied on Koh Larn's beaches including scuba diving, undersea walking and semi-submersible rides.

If you don't like beaches or outdoor persuits then Koh Larn isn't really the place for you, as there aren't many other attractions, although there is a Buddhist temple and a shooting range.

Our day came to an end when we were suitably tired and red cheeked (from being in the sun and not from excess alcohol consumption...I know what you were thinking!!!!!).

The highlight of the return ferry journey was watching a drunken German passenger fall off a broken seat. The Thai's have a great saying for this.....som nam na....which means serves you right!!!

The only downsides to Koh Larn were costs of food and drink, with prices being about 10-15% more than on the mainland and the amount of litter. Whilst the beaches themselves were kept reasonably clean and tidy, the interior of the island was literally awash with rubbish.

All I can say is........."you dirty b*stards".


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