35 not out

This weekend, to use some cricketing parlance, I strode to the the batting crease of life and guided a cheeky single down leg-side, off the bowling of the grim reaper, to bring up my 35th year.

For those of you who didn't understand a single word of that last sentence......it was my birthday on Friday night.

My celebrations were a welcome distraction from the political unrest that has afflicted the country in the last couple of weeks. The atmosphere in Thailand had been extremely poisonous but there appeared to be an easing of the tension as the nation came together, on the 5th of December, to mark the 86th birthday of King Bhumibol. This carried on into the weekend where my wife and I hosted a house party.

We were very lucky that my mum and dad were able to be with us and we were joined by a host of friends and acquaintances. Our guests enjoyed a plethora of barbecued food, enough beer and whiskey to sink a battleship....although I'm not sure our neighbours would have been too impressed with the karaoke blaring out until the wee small hours!!!!!


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