RIP Chewy

It's been a very unhappy weekend at chez Penfold, as one of our pet dogs sadly died. The mutt in question was Chewbacca, affectionately known as Chewy.

Although he was very old, he had only been with us for 2 years. We adopted him, together with another dog called Yoda, from a rescue centre near Bangkok.

During the terrible flooding in 2011 countless dogs were separated from their owners and many people also rescued stray dogs that they encountered. Faced with such a large number of animals, the local government set up a temporary shelter at a place called Banpakong, on the outskirts of the capital.

We found out about shelter from the internet and paid a visit to donate some food and see if we could adopt any of the homeless dogs. Whilst we were there we were introduced to numerous dogs but we took a liking to Chewy and Yoda.

Very little was known about his origins or previous life. All the rescue centre could tell us was that he was found wandering the flooded streets and was approximately 8-10 years old. He was very malnourished, had a weak heart, arthritis in his back legs and extremely limited vision.

This is what he looked like on the day we brought him home.........
He was a dirty, smelly and cantankerous old thing and wasn't very fond of human contact.

But a few weeks of good meals and walks around the garden, he was rejuvenated and looked like a new dog.
Despite his poor eyesight and advancing years, he was adept at sniffing out his dinner and he had a way with the ladies!!!!!

He remained smelly and crotchety to his dying day but we were all extremely fond of him and he will be sorely missed.

RIP matey.


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