Rip-off Thailand - DO NOT visit the Pattaya Dolphin show

I'm a vehement critic of the Asian practice of double pricing and almost fell victim to it on a recent day-out with my wife and extended family.

We had decided to visit the Pattaya Dolphin Show, as it was an attraction that had not been to before. But, upon arriving at the ticket kiosk, I was informed that as a foreigner, I would have to pay 500 baht (about £10), despite showing my Thai driving licence.

Normally, upon producing your Thai driving licence at tourist attractions, national parks, museums etc you will pay the same rate as the Thais, which in this instance was 250 baht (about £5)

But, even with proof of residence, I was considered to be a tourist and worthy of being robbed. Why should pay double the price you cheeky thieving bastards?

The attitude of the clerk on the ticket desk was also extremely poor. When I asked why I was being charged twice the price she just said "farang pay more" and upon showing my driving licence she said "cannot do, cannot do". After telling her that the pricing structure was daylight robbery and I would not be paying to watch the show, she simply said , in true Thai style......."up to you mister". To which i replied, "you're right you ignorant peasant, it is up to me and I will take my business elsewhere" and I also politely suggested they re-name the attraction to the......."thieving toe-rags" dolphin show. 

Instead of treating me with due respect and consideration and by attempting to fleece me, they not only lost my custom that day and the potential for any repeat business, they also have to deal with the negative publicity.

I have informed all my friends and acquaintances about the dreadful experience and I would urge all holiday-makers and expats to AVOID the Pattaya Dolphin Show like the plague!!!!  

I would also ask my readers to pass on the information to their friends and families, so no unsuspecting visitors get ripped-off.


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