Epic English Language Fails

If you have spent anytime travelling or working in Asian countries, you will have noticed that the standard of English is generally very poor.

There are one or two exceptions of course, like Malaysia and the Philippines. But overall, when going about your daily business, you will be faced with a barrage of unintelligible, indecipherable drivel.

"I no speaky speaky Engrish goodly"

"Sucky, fucky 5 dollar Mister"

Good old Thailand is probably number one in the verbal diarrhoea league..........

This gem was a photo that I took whilst travelling on a songteaw in the city of Pattaya in Chonburi province. What the hell is a "But Stop"? Somewhere I can rest my fat, sweaty posterior perhaps?

Songteaws are public buses which operate all over Thaland. They are simply converted pick-up trucks, with a covered bed or cargo bay and 2 rows of seats facing each other. The above sign was issued to all songteaws operating in Pattaya and it was a number of weeks before the glaring error was noticed.

Once the mistake was brought to light, all the drivers were issued with a sticker bearing the letter "s' and were instructed to cover up their "but'!!!!

Up and down the bus stops only? Wtf...... an autistic 4 year old wouldn't even write such tosh........

Once I'd managed to "up and down" at the correct "but stop", I headed over to the shopping centre to look for a cookery book.......

 I'm not looking forward to my dinner tonight....... might need a bit more time to work up an appetite!!!!


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