Trash Talking

I first visited Thailand 15 years ago and was shocked at how dirty the streets were and the flippant attitude to littering and rubbish disposal among the general population. 

The average Thai cared little for their environment and was more likely to throw their rubbish on the floor than dispose of it in a dusbin.

Having lived here here for 7 years I can say that the situation has not improved and, in fact, has probably worsened.

The pathways, roads, public parks, temples and even the beaches are awash with litter and general detritus.

In case you think I'm biased or exaggerating, I'm not, it's fact. As evidence, I offer you the set of photos below. They were taken along the side street that joins my current residence to the main road, which stretches a distance of about 150 metres.

The problem starts at a young age, Thai kids grow-up watching the disgusting habits of their parents and grandparents and mimic the same behaviour. 

The older generation have not been educated properly about hygiene, cleanliness and taking care of the environment and as a consequence, the kids grow up with same bad habits. It becomes a vicious circle which is very difficult to tackle.

The problem is even making newspaper headlines.............

Lamd of Smiles, my a*se............ Land of squalor more like!!!


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