English language mistakes

I hope my loyal readership is in rude health and not striken with any nasty diseases like monkey influenza or rabbit measles .....the only thing I'm worried about with the current swine flu outbreak is that I actually won't contract it and will therefore be ineligible for a week off work.....but hey what's a guy to do......

Anyway.... let's move on to the theme of today's blog, which is the use of the English language in Thailand.

My favourite Bangkok Blogger, the inimitable but now defunct "Mango Sauce" coined the phrase "Tinglish" to describe this melange of English and Thai.....to read some of Mango Sauce's classic examples here's their link....http://www.mangosauce.com/.

We all know that Thailand is renowned for it's little mishaps with the Queen's English or should that be the Queen's Engrish!!! Anyone who has holidayed in the Kingdom will have seen numerous examples on restuarant menus of "Sticky Lice", "Stir Fried Crap" or "Flying vegetables".

Here are some recent examples of Tinglish in everyday use

Well thanks for clearing that up for me Charlie.....(I think Charlie must have been eating blow-fish or smoking hideous amounts of crack prior to printing his sign!!!!)

My "picture of the day" award goes to this belter that I encountered on my most recent trip to Thailand......

Signs like these always raise a smile and add to enjoyment of your holiday.....but I worry about the day when i do actually get a plate of stir fried crap for dinner!!!!

Any readers who have some funny examples of Tinglish that they have seen on their travels and would like to share with us are more than welcome to post them on this blog.
Go on, don't be shy and give everybody a good chuckle............................


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