The start of a beautiful relationship

Since my last relationship came to an inglorious end, I haven't been sitting around eating ice-cream and knocking back bottles rosé wine in some kind of "Sex and the city" meets "Friends" orgy of self-pity.

In fact one of the first things I did was to book another trip to the Land of Smiles with the intention of improving my sun-tan and going on a 2 week, beer Leo drinking binge.......and with the hope of meeting the next Mrs. Penfold, of course!!!!

Around the time of booking my trip I had started to be in regular telephone and email contact with Apinya, a very cute looking, sweet and friendly Thai lady. I made the decision that during my trip I would meet up with her and see how things played out.

I arrived in the Big Mango full of the joie de vivre that only a "hansum man" going to Thailand can experience. For those of you that haven't been to Thailand, the feelings that you experience when you disembark at Suvarnabhumi, because of all the fun you know you are going to have, are something like winning the Euro millions roll-over, scoring a goal in the FA cup final and then stepping out of the shower to find Carmen Electra holding your towel and wearing nothing but a smile.

I tried hard to repress the shit-eating grin on my face whilst walking through the airport, for fear of looking like an inexperienced Thai first-timer and being seen as fair-game for the taxi touts and tour operators. Having safely negotiated the arrivals hall, I jumped into a kosher taxi-meter and headed for the bright lights of the city.

I had booked 3 nights at a hotel in Sukhumvit, with the intention of going to visit some friends in Koh Samui after this brief sejourn in Bangkok.

I had planned to meet up with an old friend and long-term Thai resident in Bangkok, but feeling lucky I decided that the first thing I should do was to call, Apinya, the lady with whom I'd been corresponding whilst I was in th UK.

As much as I enjoy the company of my friend and outrageous his white supremacist opinions, he does unfortunately have a boat-race that ressembles a smacked-arse and I would much rather look at a lovely Thai face!!!!

I'm glad to say that I made the right decision, Apinya was an absolute treasure and delightful company. She appeared to enjoy spending time with me even after I had consumed 14 bottles of beer Leo and ended up nearly hospitalising her and my fellow drinkers in the bar, by setting off a can of pepper spray that she carries in her bag!!!! I did ask her if the pepper spray was for use on me if I got a bit too frisky on a first date, but I'm glad to say was not the case!!!

And here is the lovely Apinya

After spending 3 eventful days in BKK, we headed to the beaches of Koh Samui.

This was my 3rd visit to Koh Samui, which is firm favourite of mine among the many Thai islands. We did the usual touristy things such as visiting the mummified monk and the inimitable "Hin Tai Hin Ya" rock formation or the "cock rock" as I like to call it!!!....(for those of you with the mental age of 5, like me, will undoubtly snigger at the the photo below...........)

Our days were spent drinking in the sites of the island and our nights were spent drinking in the local liqour!!!!

I may be getting old but I had never even heard of a "jägerbomb" before my visit to Koh Samui!!! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the jägerbomb, it is a cocktail that is mixed by dropping a shot of Jägermeister into a glass of Red Bull.

This foul concoction was nearly responisble for my untimely demise under the wheels of a "Song Taow" and I was only saved by the intervention of the quick-thinking and slightly more sober Apinya.

Thanks to multiple jägerbombs and copious buckets of Mae Khong, coke and red bull, the following morning actually felt like the end of the world had arrived. But in true Dunkirk spirit, I soldiered on!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed Apinya's company for the time I was in Thailand and could feel myself falling for her "hook, line and sinker".

This was indeed the start of a new chapter for Mr. Penfold and I have made a subsequent visit to Banglamung which is Apinya's home town. This encompassed her birthday celebrations and also being invited to the initiation ceremony of a couple of local lads who were becoming monks. I don't want to sound too artsy fartsy but this was a fantastic insight into Thai culture and I'm thankful for being able to be part of the celebrations. Here are some pictures of said celebrations!!!

In the short time that we have been together we have experienced a lot and I can report that our relationship is going from strength to strength. You know when you experience that warm, fuzzy feeling in ur stomach and everything is perfect ....that is how I'm currently feeling when I'm with Apinya......and as my old mate Suggs once put it "this must be love, love, love....."

I have another trip scheduled in just under 4 weeks time which is eagerly anticipated and I'm just hoping the numpty's at the Airport Authority can keep any protesters away and ensure the airport is open long enough for me to get there!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and as always I'd be happy to hear any comments you have....

Over and out



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