Thailand's national football team unveils new sponsor

You couldn't make this up!!!

With obesity levels worldwide hitting epedemic proportions, the next sponosr of the Thai national football team, is that bastion of healthy and nutritious cuisine............McDonalds!!!

Ronald McDonald must be laughing himself hoarse with the irony of it all!!!! You can just picture him slavering like Pavlov's Dogs and rubbing his fat, greasy hands together with the thought millions of Thai children nibbling on his McNuggets.

In terms of being a danger to children, Ronald McDonald makes Gary Glitter look like the Sugar Plum Fairy.

“This will be a great help towards our efforts to reach the 2014 World Cup Finals,” said FAT (Football Assocation of Thailand) president Worawi Makudi. “This funding will help develop our game, especially youth football, and all the players, junior and senior, will get to enjoy the food too,”.

Urrrrmmmmm lets have a little think about that Khun Worawi!!! If your players are gorging themselves on a diet of Supersized McChuffer meals, then by 2014, you'll be presiding over a bunch of McLardarses who won't even be able to waddle to the team coach!!!!

Call my cynical, but I'm sure the 25 million baht (£500,000) that will be coming the way of the FAT (no doubt via Khun Worawi's offshore bank account) over the next 3 years, may have something to do with his enthusiasm for the sponsorship deal.

Like a lot of organisations in Thailand, the FAT is managed spectacularly poorly and has allowed the team (both playing staff and management) to get away with to many mediocre results!!!!

My plan to ensure Thailand's qualification for the next World Cup would start with ensuring that no more half-arsed managers, like Peter Reid and Bryan Robson were hired. I would also endeavour to send Thailand's best young players and coaches, to train in Europe (or South America) which will allow them to develop a better appreciation of the game. Investment in grass roots fotball is also important but I think it can come from a better source than Ronald & Chums.

Otherwise Thailand's next generation of footballers will end up looking like goal-keeper supreme and poster boy for healthy eating...... Billy "Fatty" Foulkes........


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