Thailand's Taliban: The Muslim Insurgency in the South

"Taliban, staying here in Thailand, Fawlty!!! Bunch of Camel jockeys, Bloody bad eggs, all of 'em!!!"

I'm afraid in the current political climate that most people would probably agree with the Major on this point!!!!!

It may seem incredible to believe that a country famed for it's gentle Buddhist religion is suffering the scourge of Islamic extremism. And it will certainly cause your spinchter to pucker up tighter than a Scotman's wallet, knowing that only hours from Thailand's tourist hotspots, lurk large numbers of FundaMENTAList ragheads.

The Southern provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat, home to many of Thailand's muslims, have been experiencing an increasingly violent insurgency over the last 5 years.

The population in the South who are mainly Malay-Muslims, had for years lived in relative peace with their Buddhist neighbours. But now there is an increasing jihadist undertone and the attacks have become more sophisticated, including car-bombings and ambush attacks which would suggest their have been outside influences and Thailand's muslim have been brainwashed by international extremists.

Fortunately, the attacks have remained fairly localised and have not yet spread to the tourist areas!!!

But this doesn't mean we should take our eye of the ball, it is always wise to be vigilant!!! You just have to visit Tony's disco in Pattaya to see the large numbers of, urm, Arabian gentleman, to know that there are a significant amount of muslims already in Thailand!!

There is a good chance that Mr. Bin Laden won't be paying a visit to Thailand and lets hope that doesn't change any time soon!!! Although the poor fella does need to get out a little bit more. I'm sure Bora Bora in winter, is infinitely preferable to Tora Bora!!!!

Don't let this post put you off visiting Thailand, as most of the country is extremely safe. But if you do see anyone with a beard waddling down Sukhumvit Road, wearing a trench coat in the height of summer..............then I have one word for you......................RUN!!!


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