Thailand photo journal: Ayutthaya & Chainat

I have been lambsted by my readers, in recent weeks, for the lack of photos featuring my girlfriend and I.

Some have even started to suggest that I may not actually exist and my girlfriend might just a figment of my overactive imagination.

Having recently returned from a fortnight in Thailand, I thought the best way to document our trip, and at the same time prove that we are both real people, would be through a photo journal.

The following photos were taken at the popular Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon temple, in Ayutthaya and show their magnificent ancient ruins and reclining Buddha.

The next set of photos were also taken in Ayutthaya at Wat Phananchoeng Worawihan, a revered temple, dating from the 14th Century and renowned for it's enormous gilded Buddha statue.

This set of pictures were taken at the well-known "Suan Nok Chainat", the largest Bird Park in Asia. The park is also home to an aquarium, which has an impressive collection of freshwater fish, including the Siamese tiger fish, Sumatran tiger barb, stingrays and giant catfish.

I hope you enjoyed these snaps and look out for the next installment of my Thailand photo journal.


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