Tinglish Bloopers

I have a keen interest in the history, development, and use of the English language and I always enjoy seeing the mistakes that non-native speakers make as they grapple with the complexities of my mother tongue!!!

Thailand has developed its own unique form of Pidgin English, known affectionately as "Tinglish". There are many examples that you will encounter, on road signs, advertising hoardings, restaurant menus and in shops, during your travels around the country.

Here are a recent selection of amusing bloopers.........

All I can say is God help you if you ever need to use the services of the Bangkok Translation Centre!!!!

I'm still trying to work out if this is just an example of bad English or a profound existential thought!!!!!

Whoever wrote this menu needs to go and stand in the "naughty conner"!!!!!

I hope this post made you chuckle and please find below one of my favourite websites on this topic.......



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