Thailand photo journal: Phrom Phiram & Doi Inthanon

Welcome to the next edition of my Thailand photo journal, featuring a selection of snaps that were taken on my last trip to the Kingdom.....

For those of squeamish nature, may I suggest you go and put the kettle on, as the next few pictures show me helping to prepare a breakfast of curried rat at the home of, Wan, my girlfriend's older sister, who lives in the village of Phrom Phiram, within the province of Phitsanulok.

And here is the end product......a veritable feast, I'm sure you'd agree!!!

It is suprising what you can do with a couple of rats, a few vegetables and some herbs and spices!!! It tasted absolutely delicious and would even give Jamie Oliver a run for his money!!!

Wan's home is in a rural idyll, with paddy fields as far as the eye can see........

From Phrom Phiram, we travelled North to the popular Doi Inthanon National Park. The mountain of Doi Inthanon is the highest point in Thailand, reaching over 8,000 feet and is home to a couple of magnificent Napamaytanidol Chedis !!!!

I look forward to bringing you my next set of pictures and welcome any comments you may have.


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